Acupuncturist by Ken Crane


No patients will be coming today, thought the Acupuncturist so he decided to close the clinic that day. 

Than suddenly, the clinic door opened, she appeared with a blue face.
Her face was blue since the first time he met her,
but she seemed to be in more bad condition.
"It's been a long time since the last time you are here. So how is your condition? "  Acupuncturist asked the patient.

"Yes, I've kind of bad condition recently. My body feels very dull, I have a rash all over my body, and they itches like hell!" 

"I see. Let me examine. Lie down on the bed" 
Acupuncturist said to the patient. 

When she lied down on the bed, Acupuncturist laid his hand on her body and closed his eyes.

"Doctor, what are you doing?" 
The patient asked the Acupuncturist.

"I am reading your acupuncture points" 

"Acupuncture points? What is acupuncture points?" 

"Well that's I think I explained to you before.
There are plenty of information centers called acupuncture points all over your body, and I am able to know the cause of disease by reading these points"

"OK, I what did you read?" 

"Ummm, yes I got it!" 

"Do I have a bad disease? Doctor" 

"Strictly speaking, this isn't disease, it seems kind of allergy" 

"Doctor, but until recently I wasn't allergic to anything!" 

"Right. You were certainly healthy a 100 years ago. But your body's immune system in recent decades, however, has declined drastically" 

"Do you mean that I got old?" 

" No, no. You are still young. You're supposed to be living a billion of years from now" 

"Doctor, What am I allergic to?" 

"Did I explain about countless number of small creatures living on surface of your body?" 

"Yes, I know. But you told me before that those creature will do no harm to my body" 

"Well that's certainly true......but it seems that you have an allergic reaction to one kind of creature" 

"To which kind of creature?" 

"Creature called human being" 

"Oh, human being! Those creature began to increase rapidly from several thousand years ago, right? So that's why!" 

"What do you mean by that?" 

"The surface of the body aches and hurts after the human appeared, and the place where there should have been moisture dries!" 

"In Oriental medicine, that aches and pain is called War, and that dry skin, is called Desertification" 

"War? Desertificationt? It is kind of unfamiliar words" 

"According to Oriental medicine, bloodshed between the same species is called a War. And it's called desertification to kill and drive other species to extinct " 

"Oh my God! Those must be a very harmful bacteria! Please do something. I've heard that in present age, bacteria can be killed with an antibiotic" 

"Hmmm...., all other doctors might recommends to kill those species, but I oppose to kill them" 

"Why not? I don't understand what you are saying!! I had enough, thank you! ! I will consult with other doctors!!" 

"My dear, please let me finish" 

"I don't want another Oriental medicine preaching anymore. Tired of hearing it again" 

"Perhaps you will not believe it, but those species are protecting you" 

"Protecting me? Such nonsense! See my face! I used to be more beautiful a 100 years ago!" 

"But my dear, it's the human race who created the concept 'beautiful'" 

"What did you say?" 

"Remember. You did not have a concept "beauty" 10 thousand years ago.
 It isn't only that. You didn't even know that you were round 2000 years before. It's the human race who found that you are round and beautiful" 


"Yes, it's true that those human kinds are polluting you with toxin.  But however, why they are doing it is because they want to know everything about your existence, and to protect you. Just like a children wants to know their mother's existence" 

"I can't believe it in this present state" 

"The mankind isn't aware of that yet, either.
Remember I was reading your acupuncture points a while ago?
Those acupuncture points are the center which collects and keeps your information. Those information are called Wisdom, and they are not aware why they are doing it" 

"Doctor, your explanation is too difficult for me!" 

"This is very important, so listen to me till the last.  
There are acupuncture points all over your body. And everyone of them play an important role. Those acupuncture points are called "New York" "Paris" "London" "Tokyo", and there are still innumerable acupuncture points elsewhere. Those acupuncture points save innumerable wisdom to manage your state of health.  I cannot know your state of health without a help of these acupuncture points" 

"Doctor! You are on a side of bacteria?!" 

"The mankind isn't your enemy. They are the only species which finds your existence beautiful. " 

"I still can't believe that......" 

"Oh yes, no wonder. 
The human were fighting over the wisdom that are saved at the acupuncture points for hundreds and thousands of years" 

"That's a disease called War, isn't it?" 

"Right. "War" is a fight to happen by "struggle for power" over the wisdom that is saved at the acupuncture points.
Really, they should be exchanging information to manage your physical condition, but each of these acupuncture points (they are also called " city" in Oriental medicine) insist that oneself is the most right and attacks other acupuncture points" 

"It seems like they aren't smart species" 

"Certainly. But however, by diagnosing those acupuncture points, I felt the change of flow of energy " 

"What's that, flow of energy?" 

"I felt the end of era of power struggles. Acupuncture points are starting to have ties with numerous other points and starting to create their own network " 

"What's going to happen after that?" 

"Everyone of them will recognize that Earth is round" 

"Earth is the name that mankind gave me?" 

"Right. All of the power struggle are caused by rejecting the fact that the Earth is round. The cause of your disease is this power struggle. 
In Western medicine this is called Allergen. 
When mankind learns that Earth round, allergen will disappear, and you'll be healed " 

"How much time will it take to be healed?" 

"Soon. Maybe for decades, but you will surely be healed" 

"···· Really? But it's going to take such long time! " 

"What about it? You are still young. For you, decades and hundreds of years is nothing!" 

".....yes! Thank you. I'm starting to feel a little easier now!" 

"I am glad that I became your help.
Before you leave, I want you to do my favor......
I want you please to take good care of the human being. 
Human being may feel a very troublesome for you.  
But however, the human will start protecting you someday.  
Therefore, give human a blessing abundantly.  
Give them plenty of air and a blessing of water. 
Give them and feed them the blessing of the earth. 
Then they will know that oneself are parts of the Earth sooner or later.
Those who knows splendor of the Earth will go outside of the Earth someday and will be proud of your beauty.
You'll be very proud of human being that day too.
Therefore, I want you to love human beings.
Please take good care of yourself, my dear"


02/16/2011 11:15

I loved this, Ken! Thanks :-)

Sheela Nandini
02/17/2011 01:18

Thanks for this story,Ken.Message received and understood:)
That's also what a friend's Uncle said t o me. I was staying with in Bangalore on a short visit-he's in his 70s now or older-sweet,gentle,,utterly spiritual person and so practical and kind-hearted.It was he who said that allergies are because we can't stand certain people who we live with.
You DON'T want to hear my story,for sure!
I feel a kind of healing here.Thank you.

P.S.I went with Mum to see the Grand Moscow Classical Ballet last night:)

02/17/2011 04:14

Thank you, Elaine!!

Thank you, Sheela!!
Yes, I understand what your Uncle is saying.
My wife is suffereing from a bad allergie, so I also want to solve this problem myself.


Sheela nandini
02/18/2011 02:18

Dear Ken,

So good to hear from you,my dear new friend:)
You know when I mentioned my health concerns in a previous comment I wondered why that came up from my side?!

I guess you could call him my Uncle too-he's a real gem of a person.Sadly his wife didn't really understand him and I did meet her at this friend's wedding years ago.I remember my friend warning me about her and to not talk much with her.She was very curious to know a lot about me-my single status etc.I felt quite intimidated by that but she did get to ask me a few leading questions.Sigh!She's no more now.
Uncle must be still in Bangalore or with his niece in the US of A, visiting her.But he has this wonderful male cook who also stays with him to take care of him and a lady who comes in to clean every day.They also took great care of me then.I sent them gifts later and a bouquet of flowers for Uncle when I had to leave-you'll find beautiful flowers everywhere in Bangalore:)
I want to believe that my allergies are because of the pollution levels in my city because I had none when I was living in the city outskirts some years ago.Heh heh!Not so easy.Need a lot of work here,it seems:)
Take care of you,and may Healing take place at all levels.

Update on Festival of dance:I am lost.I went alone to the Spanish Flamenco Dance program last night.Took a bus(saving money)Finally got a seat after standing for a while and got to see the Full Moon in that beautiful night sky(rarely see the night sky these days)
Did the unthinkable,Ken.I got my picture taken with Jose Porcel and there I was like it was the most natural thing to do,with my arm around his waist and close to him! have that pic on my cell phone:)Will post that to you soon.Ta da!

02/18/2011 07:21

Dear Sheela,

Nice to hear about your uncle ( he may not be your real uncle but sounds like your uncle).

I really don't know the cause of allergie, but here in Japan there are millions of people suffereing from allergie.
So I think there are some kind of relationship between the civilization of a country.
But I will take this as a chance to make a good relatioship between people, if alleregie's cause is from people relationship.
Please take care of this uncle, I think he is one of your best friend.
Waiting for your post again.

Thank you, Sheela!

Sheela Nandini
02/19/2011 00:13

Ah,the Angels are with us:)yesterday bluetooth transfer(my niece taught me to do that)was not possible for some reason at the cyber cafe-working on it even as we speak.Woo!Hoo!
My young friend seems to have forgotten all about emailing me the pic:(If by God's Grace I am able to go see the Whirling Dervishes today- considering I have a bad cough again!-I do hope to see her and remind her:)
Ken,Uncle is a beautiful person,always enthusiastic and sending out a message of hope just by his presence.Maybe this is a sign I should get in touch with him again.And do you know he was working even at that age!!!God I am so ashamed of all the excuses I would come up with,whining and crying and emphasising my inability to go ahead and do the things that needed to be done.I failed royally.Until my Mumbai editor happened.I remain grateful to her for her words to me on email when I quit all over again on my first major assignment.
My God why do I chatter so much???
Ken,I think there are reasons and reasons for why things happen and again solutions too.It's just that I am too lazy to do my pranayama and Omkar Chanting which will really take care of all this allergic mess and watch what I eat.I don't tolerate cold things very well-AC,youghurt in rainy and winter season,chilled beverages or food(had a chocolate pastry direct from the fridge) and a chocolate ice-cream bar to brighten up my Valentine's Day.Look where it got me:o)))
Until the next post-thank you so much for that.I thought I had gate-crashed in here and wondered what you must be thinking.
Please keep writing.It's mystical and enlightening.


02/19/2011 15:48

What a smart way to tell a story. I feel kinda proud about figuring out that the acupuncturist's patient was Earth before it was revealed. But I did read half of the story before I realized what was going on. Now I have to go back up and read it again! :)

02/27/2011 16:30

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